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One-of-a-kind estate in western Provence, France

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Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

Over 500 ha/1300 acres (68 ha of vineyards) self-contained. A highly efficient and well maintained farming operation.

6 M€ - 15 M€
Detailed Description

One-of-a-kind multi-purpose estate in Provence, South of France, set on the ground of a Gallo-roman domain: farming, winemaking (Côtes-du-Rhône), sporting ground, equestrian. Wholly owned 1,300 acres (incl. vineyards 140 acres) property. Buildings 37,000 sq.ft. Polo farm, hunting business and real estate development potentials.


Lifestyle purchase opportunity of an estate with a solid exiting return and strong development potential.




Over 525 (most of it self-contained) hectares1, organized in:

  • Vineyard: 56 hectares (mostly Côtes-du-Rhône) with 12 add. hectare plantable;
  • Cereal farming (wheat, barney, sunflower): 130 hectares;
  • Private hunting estate (forest, coppice, heath): 280 hectares enclosed;
  • Pastures and other land: 54 hectares.


Located in the center of the domain, the farming buildings offer 38,000 Sq. Ft (3,500 m²) of usable space, including:

  • Main house & living areas 440 m² (4,730 Sq. Ft) incl. a 300 m² (3,220 Sq. Ft.) home, swimming pool, tennis court;              
  • Convertible space 1.300 m² (14,000 Sq. Ft);
  • Wine making facility and cellar 800 m² (8,600 Sq. Ft);
  • Office space 180 m² (1,930 Sq. Ft);
  • Shop and storage areas 320 m² (3,440 Sq. Ft);
  • Barns and storage areas 800 m² (8,600 Sq. Ft).


Farming operation


  • Debt free & profitable;
  • Full machinery equipment/toll park included (and paid for);
  • The current owner could coach the new buyer for a year if required.




  • 56 (2013) planted hectares, 42 in production : AOP Côtes-du-Rhône et IGP Pays-d’Oc, and additional 12 hectare possible (« droits à planter »);
  • Wine storage capacity: 320,000 gallons (40 to 650 hectoliters containers);
  • Over 170.000 bottles sold each year (2013) (65% of sales);
  • 95% of the production is exported (Benelux, United Kingdom, etc.).


Hunting ground


  • 690 acres (280 hectares) in the south of the domain;
  • Biotope:  green and white oaks, boxwood and pines suitable for both large and small game;
  • All enclosed (2-meter fences), with watering holes and private paths;
  • Livestock: Over 20 wild boars, 4+ deers, numerous pheasants, red partridges and wild rabbits.
  • Maintained grounds and private paths;
  • Independent access roads both on north and south sides of the estate;
  • Large ruin at the top of the ground which could be turned into self-contained hunting lodge (over 1,800 m² on the ground).
  • Cellar : yes
  • Wine cellar : yes
  • Dependency : yes
  • Country : France
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