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Safer (standing for 'Sociétés d'aménagement foncier et d'établissement rural') are non-profit limited liability companies.
Created by the1960 agricultural framework law and subject to the approval of the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Economy and Finance, they are governed by the Rural Code.
Safer participate in the sustainable and balanced development of rural areas. Their tasks, as assigned by the legislator, are:
- To maintain and develop agricultural areas and forests.
- To support, along with the local authorities, all parties from both the public and private sectors that contribute to territorial development.
- To preserve the countryside, environment and natural resources.

Dealing with Safer
Safer relay properties. However, they are not only intermediaries between potential sellers and buyers. They play an important role in the development and rationalisation of properties and optimise the property's transmission (real value, legal certainty, compliance, project support etc).
Every year, Safer amicably negotiate and relay 80,000 ha of both developed and undeveloped land with 10,000 owners.
The important territorial network belonging to their property advisers allows Safer to be up to speed with files and negotiate properties under the best possible conditions.
The properties are then put on the market with a great deal of transparency: before selling a property Safer is legally required to call for offers.
Those from both farming and non-farming backgrounds, as well as individual buyers, companies or communities have the opportunity to buy property from Safer. Studying the applications submitted will allow Safer to identify the offers that best meet their demands.


Pre-emption rights
Safer rarely use their pre-emption rights. On average, they use it to acquire only 10% of the area they possess with amicable negotiation a more common tactic.
For every transaction completed that Safer is not involved in, they are informed by notaries of all sales agreements which have been signed. The authorities have given them the possibility of having, under the supervision of Government Commissioners, first refusal on such notified properties, if their proposed development of the land is better than those planned by their competitors in the market. Pre-emption rights are exercised by Safer under a strict legal framework, they are duly motivated by and meet specific goals defined by the Rural Code.


The vineyard
France is of course a hotspot for wine enthusiasts and viticulture continues to be a type of agricultural production which has high added value.
Safer deal in particular with the relaying of large farms, including the most prestigious ones. They negotiate wine estate sales every day, under an authentic local consensus and in a very professional manner.
Whether it is someone in the early stages of setting up their business, a grower wishing to restructure their property or a wine enthusiast wishing to invest in an estate, everyone will find Safer to be an active partner in their project.

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