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SELL 2 ha of vineyard on sale, good position in VOUVRAY, near TOURS

On line since 17-02-2014

To sell
Centre Val de Loire

Situated near the Loire, able to produce high quality VOUVRAY

30 - 100 k€
Detailed Description

4 pieces, around 0,5 ha each, distant from 600m.
Situated behind and around castle of SENS on ROCHECORBON and VOUVRAY.
Easy access, 9km from TOURS, 1h30 from PARIS by TGV.
Half part can produce high quality wines, the other half produce wines over VOUVRAY average quality.
They are currently rented, up to 2019.
Annual income is 3200 Euros on average and there is 250 Euros of taxes and no other expense.

  • Surface of the vine 2 hectares
  • CP : 37210
  • Country : France
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