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Tuesday april 24 2012

Rosés: a panorama of French dynamic production and market

Provence maintains its position as the reference of rosé production. In 2011, the production of PDO rosé de Provence rose 2%. "The campaign began very hastily. From November, traders positioned themselves since late January and almost all of the crop is sold. Availability is very low" comments Michel Couderc, Head of Economics  at the Interprofessional Council of Provence Wines (CIVP). Provence rosés are also better enhanced, in France and export markets. The range of 6 € / bottle grew 119% since 2008 in the French retail. This value is also reflected in export growth with the average price of a bottle increasing from € 2.80 in 2010 (FOB) to € 3.05 in 2011.

The PGI Mediterranée shows spectacular growth
for its rosés: 156,000 hl of blended rosé were marketed util the end of March 2012 (+64% compared to last year, over the same period). "Demand is very strong," says Fichtner Axelle federation InterMed. "Today, rosés represent 55% of our production. The name goes well with Mediterranean color pink and spread our production area offers facilities for sourcing directors market. "

In Languedoc, the picture is mixed. Mid-April, PGI Pays d'Oc rosés sales are down 9% in volume compared to last season. But the prices are experiencing a significant increase: 69.43 €/hl
against 64.37 €/hl last year.

The Rhône vineyard is converting to rose.
48% of the wines produced in the Luberon PDO are rosés. Adding the Ventoux and Costiéres de Nîmes, they represent 60% of the production of rosés in the Rhône Valley. The average selling price in French Retail was down slightly in 2011: € 3.88 / l on average for rosé PDO of the Rhone Valley, down 2%. This trend is likely related to volumes of PDO Ventoux and Luberon, whose price is lower than the Cotes du Rhone ones.

In France, sales of rosé wines represent 27% of wines volumes sold in supermarkets (+150% in 20 years). Internationally, the rosés represent 9.5% of global consumption of wine according to data from the
Rosé Wines Observatory of international markets.

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